Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dying Easter Eggs

I don't think Macy has ever dyed eggs! I figured she was too young before and would make too much of a mess. She did great as far as being neat goes, until the very end. She spilled the pink dye all over the table. It's ok though, the only casualty is a spot on our carpet. No biggie.

She liked using the metal egg holder as a monocle. 

So excited to dye eggs!

She was very patient and wait for her eggs to get a nice bright color.

"Mommy look!"

"Do you see this egg? It's blue!"

Daddy jumped in at the end. He was crucial in the hurry-and-clean-up-the-red-dye part.

She took her time to decorate each egg with the correct stickers.


I tried to get a smile out of her with her beautiful creations but this was all I could get.

Even better. I think she had fun though!

In case you were wondering- no it wasn't warm weather outside. Macy loves wearing her bathing suit all. the. time.

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