Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Family Photo Shoot

I wanted to get new family pictures taken since we don't have an official one with Anna and she's already 9 1/2 months old! We took them on May 24th in Old Town Alexandria. They turned out great despite the fact that it was very cold and windy. Poor Macy and Anna were purple by the end. I didn't get as many cute Anna smiles as I wanted because she was too cold to be happy! The weather is so unpredictable! The next day was warm and sunny which was quite unfortunate. Oh well, the pictures are great and I think my little family looks so cute!

Here are some favorites:

We started the Carlyle House. It's the same house we took Macy's 9 month pictures.

I love how bright and vibrant the green leaves are!

Then we walked down an alley for the fun cobblestone look.

And we sat on someone's front step for a picture.

My sweet Macy.

And my adorable little Anna.

I love this one because it captures those cute little cheeks I love so much.

I love the way Macy is clinging to Ja's finger in this picture.

I love Anna's little toes!

 We eventually made it to the marina but it was quite cold there. Macy's legs were turning purple and Anna's toes were ice.

This was the last picture we took. The girls were done and freezing. We were not going to get anymore smiles out of them that day!

Thank you Danelle Empey at MP Photography for capturing our family perfectly!

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