Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Macy's Got a Brand New Bed

We held off getting a twin bed because the girls' room isn't very big. But when we would hear Macy turning in the toddler bed and knocking into the side railings multiple times during the night we decided it was time for a twin bed. She never complained but she slept much better in the queen hotel beds-probably because she wouldn't get woken up every time she rolled over. 

We went one Saturday and picked out a bed. Easy Peasy. They delivered it the next Monday and viola! Macy has a twin bed. She was very excited about it and loves to jump on it. She also shows it off to all of our visitors. 

We said good-bye to her cute little toddler bed. A lady in the ward bought the whole set from us.

When Macy saw me taking pictures of her bed she said, "Take a picture of us mommy!"

Macy picked out her new bedding from Target and was so happy she wouldn't pose for a picture. Like I should be surprised, does she ever pose for a picture?!

Then Macy wanted to take the pictures.

"Look at my crazy hair mommy!"

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