Monday, June 24, 2013

Macy's last day of Ballet Class

Normally parents are not allowed into class but we are allowed to watch on the first and last days. Ja came with us to watch the adorable little ballerinas and take some pictures. Macy learned so much in those 2 sessions of ballet. The very first day she had no clue what was going on but today she new how to do stretches, first position, releve, tendu, plie, and arabesque. And most importantly how to dance like a princess! Her teacher was Miss Monica and Macy enjoyed learning from her. We had many pretend ballet classes at home thanks to Miss Monica.

Stretching and making sandwiches with their feet. 

They would stretch like Aerial does when she looks for prince Eric from her rock. Here they are each saying what color their mermaid tails are. 

Praticing on the barre.


The girls put on a little show for the parents. They took turns doing certain moves then ended with their favorite move of choice. I think they all chose an arabesque.

I love the curtsies they do at the end. So adorable. I think I'll sign Macy up again in the fall. She enjoyed it so much.

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