Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Growing up in February

First off, can you believe Anna is 6 months old this month?! Where has the time gone? My baby is growing up way to fast!

Macy loves to play at the Lego store.
Anna loved the stroller. She was upright and mobile.

Anna got pushed around in the doll stroller.

Playing school. It was snack time.

 We took two trips to the American Indian Museum in DC. There is a great kid area that Macy loved. The first time we spent almost 4 hours and the second time we spent 3 hours there. Macy's favorite part was cooking the pretend fish in the little hut.

Macy also liked building this igloo. Her and Grant called it their house. Macy said, "I want to hold his hand mommy."

We were at a friend's house and Macy sat in her chair with this play computer. She said she was Ja and I had to ask her what she was doing. She replied, "I working mommy." Just like daddy.

the flash is still too bright for Anna

Anna is very interested in food, even green smoothies

Macy got her first pair of ballet slippers. leotard to come soon.

Macy likes to cook in her evening wear.

Ja knows what it's like to feed twins.

Saturday morning snowman craft with daddy

Anna  can stand in the crib. With help up.

Anna enjoying tummy time.
 One day in order to get Macy in big girl underwear we had to put some on Anna too.

They were a little big.

That wraps up the month. We ended it on a good note because we finally purchased a sound machine for the girls room. We should have done it 6 months ago! Now Macy stays asleep all night and doesn't budge when Anna wakes up at night. Our days are so much happier and not filled with tantrums anymore. Poor Macy was so tired for a few months! Happy kids makes for a happy home.

My goal for March is to take pictures with me in them! I don't have any with me, Macy and Anna.

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