Thursday, January 15, 2015

Granny Dot came to visit

Dorothy came January 7-14 to help with Owen and the girls. I didn't take too many pictures because either she was off with the girls or we were having too much fun. 

It was so nice to have a third adult to help again. My mom was helping us out for two weeks so I really felt helpless when she left and Ja went back to work. Dorothy played with the girls, took them to the movies, to lunch, and to preschool. She was a huge help cleaning the house too. 

I think every time Dorothy comes to visit the girls want her to put her rollers in their hair. Anna sat very still and was patient. After Dorothy finished Anna pulled them out herself. Macy already had her turn but I didn't get a picture. 

Here is Granny Dot with all three kids. The girls were being so silly and making faces. 
Here I asked the girls not to smile and I got normal smiles. 

Owen's first photo with Granny Dot. 

When my mom left both girls were very sad. As my mom started walking into the airport Anna holds out her arms and says, "No, Gamma!" She didn't want her to go. Macy was about to cry so I told her grandma will be coming back in March for Owen's blessing. Macy said, "I want her to come back tomorrow!" 

They were also sad when Dorothy left. Macy wanted her to stay longer. 

I was definitely sad when they both left. Who would make dinner? Who would hold Owen when he's fussy? Who will clean my house? How can I take a nap? How will I survive with three kids?!

One day at a time I guess. 

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