Saturday, December 27, 2014

Owen's birth announcement photo shoot

Months ago I found a photographer who would be able to do a newborn session with Owen and the girls. Or so I thought. At the beginning of December I contacted her again to make sure she was still able to do it. Turns out she never put us on her calendar! She forgot! I was pretty upset. I tried to find another photographer but it was too late. I would have to take pictures myself. Maybe the fourth child will have actual newborn photos taken. 

This photo of Owen and my mom wasn't for the announcement but it's a good one so I'm including it here. 

I wanted to try and recreate some of the cute poses photographers do with newborns but I missed my chance. They like to shoot within the first 10 days of life and those first 10 days came and went. I wasn't feeling myself yet and didn't have the energy to try. At least I have a few pictures to show him at 10 days old. 

He's showing the peace sign in this one!

I was trying out the blue blanket for obvious reasons. I wanted to make sure people knew we have a boy! It didn't matter in the end because I did black and white photos for the announcement. 

Macy and Anna were eager and willing subjects. We propped my bed up and got to work. I love this picture if the girls awaiting the arrival of Owen. 

They are laughing at my mom who was jumping up and down behind me. I'm glad she was there to cheer them up. 

These two love their Owen so much!

Anna's face is priceless in this one. 

My sweet precious Owen. He is growing up too fast. At this time in his life it was hard to get him awake for pictures but we found a little window where all three kids were awake, fed, and happy. That is a miracle!

After I got enough of Owen, Macy wanted to do "model shots" as she called them. Anna had some great poses. This face cracks me up. She has so much energy and personality. 

I told her to pose and this is what we got. 

Macy knew just what to do. 
She is a great model!

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