Sunday, December 21, 2014

Baby Owen

I love having a newborn in the house again. They come with their own special spirit and are a piece of heaven in our lives. Owen is such a great newborn and is the cutest little boy I've ever seen :)

Tonight Macy asked me to get up early and get dressed and get Owen dressed. She will wake up early and get dressed so no one will hear her. She wants uninterrupted time holding Owen by herself. Seriously, look at this genuine Macy smile! She loves holding him!

Today Macy fed Owen a bottle, burped him, and held him while I put Anna down for her nap. I was quite impressed!

Anna still loves "holding" Owen too. With her we put a pillow on her lap and he pretty much just lies on the pillow. Thankfully she has become less possessive of him. Although when she sees Macy holding him she can often be heard to say, "I hold it! I hold it!" This furthers my thought that she thinks Owen is a doll and why Macy wants alone time with Owen. 

Anna is very helpful and gets a diaper and a wipe whenever I ask her too. She loves to pop in and say "a-low" (hello) to Owen when he's in the bassinet or lying down on our bed. The stool is nearby so she can easily pop in and out. 

Anna also loves to read baby brudder books. She gets up on her stool and reads book after book to him. When she runs out she rushes back to her room to grab more. She will read to him while he is in the swing too. I think this is so adorable. 

Baby Owen is adored by his sisters- and his mom! I cry for joy just looking at his face. It is little, round, and perfect. His tiny toes are the cutest toes I've ever seen. I love skin to skin time with this boy. 

He is figuring out breast feeding which is nice. I have to undress him most of the time to keep him awake and change diapers too. He is only 5 days old and born early at 37 weeks so he is very sleepy naturally. In the hospital the lactation consultant gave me good tips and advice which will make Owen and I successful with time and patience. He's not tongue tied which is good to know. He's good at sucking, he just falls asleep eating so it takes a lot of work to wake him up. I'll take it though! He's the sweetest baby and I can't wait to raise him up!

Ja will be a great dad to our son! I can't wait to see them playing basketball together some day. 

Owen, I love you so much and love you from the second the doctor put you in my arms. You are my son and I will love you forever. 

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