Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

My mom spent Christmas with us this year. She said it was the first time in her life she was away from her parents on Christmas- and she's 53! Sadly, my dad stayed in California.

Christmas Eve was spent at our Bishop's house. The Wheatleys were so kind to invite us in their home because they know we don't have family around. We had a great dinner, acted out the nativity, opened a present, had dessert, and sang a few carols.

Macy, Ja, and Grandma decorated gingerbread houses.

Macy getting dressed as the angel.

Anna getting dressed up as Mary #2.

The kids were great in the nativity. Ja did great as the voice of the angel. Macy was too shy to say her lines so Ja put her on her shoulders and said her lines in a girly voice. It was hilarious.

Anna wouldn't get off the donkey's lap (Emily)

Macy and Katherine sang a Christmas song for the group.

Our girls LOVE Emily!

Everything is all set up for Christmas morning!

We had a quiet first Christmas in our home this year. The girls opened presents until 10:40 am. They had so many! 
Anna needed a little help unwrapping.

Macy loved her pajama pants from Aunt Stacie.

I love my new watch!

All this present unwrapping wiped Owen out.

Showing off their new dresses from Grandma.

I had his newspaper and magazine articles framed.

Something unusual happened this year. Every time Macy opened a present she would say thank you very excitedly and run and give me or Ja a hug. For some reason she has a hard time saying thank you without being reminded (for anything, not just gifts). I realized we have the Wheatley's to thank for this. On Christmas Eve every time a child opened a present they would say thank you and run and give the gift giver a big hug. I thought it was sweet and I'm glad Macy was paying attention!

Then at 11 we had our neighbors Ron and Danny over for brunch. They didn't have any family coming to celebrate so Ja invited them over for stuffed French toast. Christmas Eve I decided to make cinnamon rolls so we had those too. 

We realized cinnamon rolls on Christmas is a tradition for us now. I've done it two years in a row so that makes it a tradition. 

The rest of the day was spent lazily playing and watching movies.

For dinner we had a semi-formal dinner of ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, and Martinelli's. I actually really enjoyed having a slow Christmas that wasn't filled rushing around or chaos. It was just our family and it was very enjoyable. 

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