Sunday, December 7, 2014

Nativity Festival

Every December our stake puts on a Community Nativity Festival. This year marked the 8th year of putting it on. As this was our first year attending I was blown away. It's held in our church building but it is hardly recognizable by the way it's decorated. I was able to help set up a foyer and I hope I can do it again because it was really fun. 

The stake bought many fake trees and lights that they put all over the gym and foyers. Apparently our building has an attic that holds all this stuff. Who knew?

Along with the trees, there are probably a hundred nativities of all types. I saw one with black bears, rubber duckies, and of course very traditional ones. There are also pictures of Christ all over too. 

This is one side of the foyer. Doesn't it look great with the fake fireplace?

Besides the nativities they have a reading room with Christmas books (Macy and Anna liked this room),

 A dress up room where the kids can be stable animals, angels, wise men, etc,
(Anna the camel and Macy the cow)

And a craft room with all sorts of crafts for kids. 

I didn't take any pictures of this, but there are performances by people throughout the community from 4:30-8 p.m. all three nights. There were ward choirs, high school choirs, kids playing instruments, and singing. I think this is a great way for kids so share their talents. Hopefully our kids can play or sing some day at the festival. 

Our family went three different times. I took the girls on thursday night with our neighbors Karen and Austin. Austin found a friend from school and spent most of his time in the craft room. The friend's mom told Karen, "I didn't know the Mormon's believed in Christ!" Isn't it great she had the Nativity Festival to attend so she can learn we do believe in Christ? I think it's a good way for the community to learn what we believe in without shoving it down their throats. Then Friday night Ja took the girls again with our other neighbors Jackie and Parker. They also had a good time. Then Saturday night Ja and I went on our date since neither of us could really appreciate the nativities while running after children. We also stayed to help take things down.

I hope this continues every year because it's a great way to spread the true meaning of Christmas with our friends and neighbors.

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