Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Macy Noel turns 5!

This girl made me a mom five years ago! When I dreamed if being a mom I had no idea how much joy a child could bring into my life. Macy has been bringing us joy for 5 years now.

Macy was thrilled to open granny Dot's candy letter and money. She's yelling "thank you" in this picture. I asked her, "isn't it cool granny Dot made you a letter out of candy bars?" She replied, "yeah, cuz she's Candy Dot!"

Ja made cheese blintzes for breakfast per Macy's request. Turns out she doesn't like the cheese in the middle but likes the crepe. Then she requested pancakes and sausages-that-look-like-hotdogs for dinner.

During the day my mom and Ja took the girls to Chuck E Cheeses to celebrate Macy. They had a great time! For about an hour Macy and my mom looked at pictures of me when I was growing up. They had some great bonding time together.

We had a little celebration the night of her birthday with a few friends from church. We had cake and ice cream and a house full of girls.
 Emily (Macy's favorite babysitter), Macy, and Alyssa

Macy, Alyssa, Kinzley

Charlotte, Corrina, Emily, Macy, Anna, Alyssa, Kinzley

I love this smile! She was so happy to be the birthday girl!

Macy with her new castle doll house. She set it all up just for the picture.

We originally thought of having her party December 20th. It's a good thing we held off! Having a 3 day old baby with a house full of 5 year olds would not have been good. 

We talked her into having a party in January instead. She wants to invite her whole preschool class. She also said she wants to play pin the crown on the queen, have a Frozen cake, and direct how the party goes. At one point she wanted to go caroling to the neighbors too. We'll see how the party turns out...

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