Saturday, December 13, 2014

Breakfast with Santa

Our HOA put on a breakfast with Santa and the neighborhood kids had a blast. Ja is on the HOA board and is in charge of the social activities (surprising, I know) so he and our two neighbors who are also on the board planned this breakfast. The night before we went on a family trip to Costco and bought pastries, drinks, and fruit. Our neighbor Jackie brought hot chocolate, Chik-fil-a breakfast sandwiches, and bagels. We had a good turn out of about 50 people and still had a lot of food left over! The Elder's Quorum and Young Women in our ward were very excited that Ja and I brought them treats the next day of the big Costco muffins.

Of course the highlight was having Santa with us. He was a really great Santa. I was worried because I imagined him being like the fake Santa in Elf with the fake beard and who smells like beef and cheese and sits on a throne of lies. Unlike him, our Santa was the real deal! 

We set up a special chair for Santa in the tent. The morning was cold but that tent was toasty warm. We put down our Christmas rug so the kids could have a spot to sit on while Santa read us a story. He also allowed the kids to ask him any question they might have about the North Pole. 

Macy was so excited to be in Santa's presence! 

Just look at that face of excited anticipation! It melts my heart how happy she was to be with Santa.

Anna was more excited about liking the cream cheese off her bagel. 

Santa read The Night Before Christmas. I should say recited because he had the story memorized.

Then we sang Jingle Bells.

Each child had a chance to sit on Santa's lap and tell him his or her Christmas wishes. I love Macy's smile!

If you look in the above picture, you'll noticed a red ball of tinsel in the tree. Macy had wrapped a present for Santa in that tinsel. It was a red stocking ornament from our tree.

Isn't that sweet of her to give Santa a present?

After most of the people left the breakfast Macy got some great one-on-one time with Santa. He very well could have left (we told him he could leave early) but he stayed to do crafts with the remaining kids. Macy was in heaven. The night before she talked about doing crafts with Santa, eating with him, and coloring with him. I wasn't sure if that would happen so I was trying to nicely explain to her that Santa is busy and might not have time for all of that. She knew what she was talking about because her wishes came true!

Who gets to have Santa make Christmas ornaments with them?! Macy is a lucky girl!

This picture sums up how Anna felt about Santa this year. I'm surprised I was able to stand that close to him.

Santa also roasted marshmallows with the kids. As the adults were cleaning up the kids brought their bikes out to ride around the parking lot. Santa watched them ride their bikes for a little bit then he was off to the North Pole! It was a great breakfast and we had a great time with Santa.

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