Thursday, April 16, 2015

Helpful Macy

Macy was so helpful today! She asked to get a cupcake for some reason so I told her she had to do 3 chores first. 

The chores were going to be cleaning her bathroom and vacuuming her room (my choices) and washing the dishes (her choice). She said she didn't want to clean the bathroom so I had her vacuum the whole upstairs instead. 

It was very comical to watch her vacuum. There isn't a method to her madness. She goes all over the place which results in her getting twisted up in the cord. I had to cover my face so she wouldn't see me laughing. It was very cute too. 

She washed a few dishes and was very thorough with the rinsing. She also put a very dishes in the dishwasher. 

Anna said she wanted a cupcake too so I said she could help me with the bathroom. She agreed but declined when it actually came to cleaning. 

I took Macy to Harris Teeter to get a cupcake but she ended up choosing a black and white cookie. She only ate the half with vanilla frosting and gave the chocolate half to me. It was a pretty large cookie so only eating half was still plenty. 

Later in the afternoon we practiced writing letters and coloring. Anna was getting upset about something so Macy made her happy again by chasing her around the house. They love doing this together. 

Tonight, Macy read books to Anna and sang her a song. "Jesus loves all the little children for the bible tells me so" I loved listening to them in the room together. Macy is a very sweet girl and loves to do "mommy" things.  Ja said he hopes they will always be friends like this. 

The girls drew pictures on the counter while Ja did dishes. Anna likes to live on the edge. 

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