Friday, April 10, 2015

Macy 1st babysitting job

Today Macy had her first "babysitting" job. There is a little girl named Emma in our ward who is 2. Macy really likes her and plays with her whenever we see her. Emma really likes Macy too and follows Macy around. I remember Macy being little and having older girls she loved to follow around and I thought it was so nice when the older girl entertained Macy. I can't believe Macy is now the "older" girl doing the entertaining. I think Macy likes to have someone to have her follow her. Emma is two (younger than Anna) but taller than Anna so maybe Macy thinks she's older than Anna. Whatever the reason Emma's mom, Katie, sees how helpful Macy is with Emma and how much Emma enjoys Macy's company.

Katie hired Macy to come play with Emma yesterday morning. I dropped Macy off at 10 and I picked her up at noon. Macy packed a bag with coloring books, crayons, and The Little Mermaid. Katie said they played really well together. We did it to give Katie a break since her husband works a lot. Emma was so excited to see Macy. All day Thursday Macy asked, "Is it night time yet? I want to babysit Emma!" She was thrilled to be the "authority" figure and babysit. Even though Katie was at home I told Macy she was in charge of Emma. Macy must have done well because Katie paid her $4!

On another note, I found a gray hair on my head tonight!!! I can't be old enough for that!! Instantly Macy said, "You're going to be a grandma!" Thanks Macy, that makes me feel good.

Later, she was getting pretty sad and I figured out it was because she was sad I'm going to be a grandma. Once I explained I won't be one for a loooong time (until she has a baby) she seemed happier. Kids are funny.

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