Monday, March 23, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's day this year was a busy green filled day! Ja made the girls green pancakes and green milk for breakfast. 

First, Macy had preschool where she dressed up in green. I forgot to have her wear her green jacket in this picture. She has a lot of green clothes! She wanted to color her pants with a green marker since they weren't green. A leprechaun came to their school and left a surprise. 

After school we raced home, ate lunch, then went to a birthday party for a girl at church. It was a speed party because it was only an hour long since moms had to leave to pick up older kids from school. 

Then we raced off to another party. This time we had a St. Patrick's day party at Melissa Porters house. She had so many supplies for a great educational party that was fun. 

Macy loved these dot rainbows and make a few of them. 

The kids were supposed to make necklaces with the fruit loops but I think most of them just ate the cereal (like Anna here). I made Anna a necklace and Macy did make herself one. They were great because when the kids got hungry later they crunched on their necklace!

Here is Macy and Miles working on their fine motor skills while making their necklace. Melissa also had green bubbles to play with and a bin outside filled with lucky charms for the kids to dig in. I think the kids liked eating that too. 

Then Katie put together a treasure hunt. A leprechaun left them clues to where the treasure was hidden. The kids really loved this. 

They found the treasure!

The group- minus Anna. She wouldn't join them. 

Then we played in the backyard. The green grass really compliments our St. Patrick's day party. 

For some reason I love seeing everyone wear the same color. It's fun to be festive and wear green and have a party. It was a last minute decision but the kids had a blast  we didn't leave until 5:15 I think. The weather was perfect and the kids were having a great time playing together. 

We had a very busy but very fun day!

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