Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ja's 32 birthday

Ja's birthday was on a Saturday this year which meant we could spend the whole day with him. I planned to take him in a zip line canopy tour but the babysitter couldn't do it so we are going in the 21st instead. Hopefully there will be another post on that later! (It ended up raining on his birthday so I'm glad we are going later.)

The girls slept in (yay!) so I made Ja scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. He had a seminary in-service day so he left at 8:45 for that. 

Friday night we talked about how we should have a Pi day party for his party next year. Friday night seemed to late to do anything. Then he realized it was the most perfect Pi day of the century since it was 3-14-15 and with the time of 9:26:53 (Pi is 3.141592653). We had to celebrate! I texted a few friends and they were able to come Saturday at 6pm. 

(The reason I hadn't planned anything earlier was due to Ja saying he didn't want a party. He doesn't like being the center of attention.)

Back to Saturday- 
I was able to get everyone bathed and showered before going to Target to buy party supplies. Then we met Ja at Shane's rib shack for lunch. It was delicious! The perfect lunch for Ja- ribs, smoked pork, and chicken. 

Then Ja took Macy and Anna to a friends birthday party at Bounce U. I stayed home to make the pies (French silk and coconut cream). 

The Cub Scouts In our ward were having a fundraiser and selling pizzas and sodas. We picked up our pizza and brought it home. Our friends did the same. It was perfect! No cooking for me, everyone contributed and kids were happy. I cut up some fruit and veggies to go with it. 

Here are the decorations. There's three themes going on: birthday, Pi Day, and Pirate. Macy wanted the pirate stuff and I was ok with it since it went with the PI theme. 

I wrote out Pi all along the wall and window. 

The pirate with no eyes who is turning 32. 

Here are some of the wee pirates. They did this all on their own. I turned around and saw this scene. Too cute!

I put the candles in the cupcakes. Macy said I needed to make cupcakes since kids don't like pie. 

The kids played perfectly together all night. There was no fighting, no bickering, no parental involvement. They were excellent! Us parents said we have to get that group together more often because they played so well together. 

At one point the kids brought Macy's blankets and tent downstairs to play camping. They turned out the lights and asked for flashlights. (I'm glad I recently found all the flashlights around the house and put them in one place.) 

Then they all found little sticks from the backyard and "roasted" marshmallows over the big flashlight. It was adorable! 

We had such a great time celebrating Ja's birthday with our friends! 

We made sure to note the time at 9:26:53pm! It was the perfect Pi day!

Macy surprised Ja with the remote control car! She, I mean he, loves it!

Owen was extra cute for daddy's birthday!!

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