Saturday, March 21, 2015

Macy the great big sister

This is a scene I wake up to most mornings (at least for the last two weeks).  Macy quietly walks into our room and talks to Owen. She plays with him for a few minutes. I think it's so sweet of her. I sneak a peek while I pretend to be asleep. 

Today the three of us hung out on the bed together. Macy was so happy when Owen held on to her finger. 

Macy was coloring on the floor while I took a shower. When I got out I saw her trying to put an open marker in Owens hand. I said that wasn't a good idea but he could hold a closed one. She had something in mind so she gave him a crayon. She wanted to teach him how to color. 

Then she opened the laptop and taught him how to type. She had a hard time getting him to open his fist and type with one finger. 

Because of that she used his foot to type and said, "this is much easier."

Owen loved the attention from his big sister! Every night before bed Macy likes to give Owen a big hug and kiss. 

Anna still gives Owen a lot of attention but it isn't always the best kind. She likes to squeeze his cheeks, poke his face, press on his tummy, pull his blankets and socks off. I have a feeling that won't stop because she pesters Macy too. Ja says Owen will grow up to be tough because of it. I guess Anna is helping out in a different way. 

Both girls loves it when he smiles at them. He's smiling a lot more and laughs occasionally. Every morning when I get him out of the bassinet he looks at me and gives me big smiles. That makes waking up much easier. He is such a sweet boy and we all love him so much! 
I love having a baby at home!

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Liz Seymour said...

Anna is definitely another Stacie!