Thursday, March 5, 2015

A busy mom day

I want to write down my busy day so one day I can look back on it and laugh. It wasn't even a bad day- just busy. I felt like the boy in the book "If you give a mouse a cookie." Always having to move from one activity that leads to another and another. 

We woke up early to Macy upset about something. She ran down the hall to my room whining much earlier than usual and I thought, "oh no, not whining already. It's only 7 am." Somehow, we still can't figure out how, Macy's full body, zip down zipper pajamas became twisted in the night. Her top half was backwards with the zipper in the back. Ja found her in the hallway crying/whining trying to figure out what happened. It was really hard not to laugh (too much). Laughing made her even more upset. My guess is that she somehow pulled her arms out inside in the night. Then she fell asleep which made her Jammie's twisted when she tried to put her arms back in. I'm still laughing about it thinking about her turning around and around trying to figure out how it happened. 

Later on she said she did it by magic. That is the best explanation. 

The only time I sat down was this morning with Anna. Ja was taking Macy to school, Owen was asleep so it was just me and her. She just wanted to cuddle with me on the chair in the living room. We did that for 15 minutes. I played with her hair a little but we mostly just sat there. It was so sweet and I'm very glad I took the time to do that. 

Later Anna played with Owen on my bed while I showered. She talked with him and read him stories. 

Then we headed to Target. Owen slept in his car seat the whole time and Anna lounged in the cart (buggy in the south). 

Then we picked up Macy from preschool. It wasn't raining when we walked into the building but was on our way out. We had no jackets on but didn't get too wet. 

Macy has been complaining about her ear hurting so I took her to the doctor at 12:30. It was raining cats and dogs by this point. The rain was coming down sideways straight into the windshield. I was trying to come up with the best way to get the kids into the office building without getting too wet. I decided the only way was to drop them off first and have them wait in the atrium while I parked. I know my girls are good listeners and don't run away so I wasn't worried about them. I parked close and still got pretty wet with an umbrella. The girls were perfect and watched me out the window. Owen had woken up but wasn't crying. 

We didn't see the doctor until 1. The girls kept asking where she was but overall were good. I fed Owen while waiting so he was happy. I didn't have to break out the snacks I brought. 

Turns out Macy does have an ear infection. I'm glad we went to the doctor! It's her first one too. 

It's still raining when we leave. Receptionist offers to watch kids while I get the car. 

We were off to CVS to get her antibiotic. I made a stop first at McDonalds to get them hamburgers since we hadn't eaten lunch yet. Macy ate hers and half of Anna's. They got my order wrong and gave me the wrong wrap. 

I drove to CVS and waited in the line at the drive thru. Thank goodness McDonald's and CVS have drive thrus since it was raining stil! It's no fun dragging three kids around in the rain. After waiting for awhile I'm told they are still working on her rx and give them 15 more minutes. I pulled into the parking lot and let the girls watch White Christmas. DVD player has come to the rescue twice this week. 

Macy wanted to pretend the van was a motor home. She took off her shoes, socks, and jacket and walked around. She has a big fascination with motor homes right now. I maneuvered myself past the DVDs screen into the back because Anna wanted to be unbuckled too. I decided to pick up all the trash around the car while I was back there. There was a lot. And dried up chik-fil-a sauce on Anna's car seat side panel. 

Fifteen minutes had just passed and Macy comes up to me and says, "You're not going to like this...I have to go to the bathroom." I told her we are going to get back in line for her medicine then we'll go home to go potty. I'm so so glad I didn't try to get all three of them out in the rain to a bathroom. She didn't mention it again. 

This is taking awhile so I'm going to condense the rest. 

We get home and try the medicine. Macy doesn't like it.

I fed Owen but he wouldn't go back to sleep for awhile so I was up and down the stairs trying to get him to sleep. 

Put groceries away. Spill brown sugar in kitchen. Sweep brown sugar. See ants at trash can. Sweep again. Mop the floor. Polish the floor. Notice line of ants going into pantry. Take everything out of pantry floor. Vacuum it out and clean dried up syrup from the floor. Put everything back in. Sweep, mop, Polish breakfast nook.

Try and stop arguments from the girls. Macy has melt down but then plays Barbie by herself for a long time. 

Macy wants me to open up her new clock. Needs batteries. Plug it in upstairs. 
Finish the floors in the dining room. 

Get Anna in the bath. Feed Owen. Wash Anna's hair while she screams. Dress Anna. 

Start on dinner at 5:20. Ja was so great to play with the girls when he was done working. 

Made a dressing for our salad that was too spicy for Macy. She flips out. Screams, demands water. We give her milk, bread and a quesadilla. While she's screaming Parker and Jackie come over. 
Eventually an ice cube on her lip settles her down. 

Things finally calm down. We eat dinner. Ja leaves to help Bishop move a dog house. I finished dinner with Anna then go upstairs to out her to bed. Luckily she's very tired and easy to put to bed. 

I feed Owen. Macy and I get in the shower. Owen cries. I try feeding Owen again. He falls asleep in my arms. Put him in bed. Did a reading lesson with Macy. Owen cries. He falls asleep in my arms again. I put him down to lie down with Macy. Owen cries again. Ja gets home and picks him up. Macy is finally ready for bed. 

I go downstairs and finish dinner dishes. 

I try to feed Owen again to get him asleep. 

Finally at 10:17 pm I get in bed to write this. My eyes are closing as I write.

What a day!

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