Sunday, March 8, 2015

Anna's ear

We had colds the last few weeks and we are finally getting over them. Anna got hers first and then me. I've had the exact symptoms but luckily mine ended sooner. Yesterday Anna was complaining her ear hurt and she needed to go to the doctor. (We took Macy to the doctor two days ago and she had an ear infection.)

Anna points to her ear and says, "mommy! My ear! My ear! It's talking! It's talking!" She had a confused look on her face. She was fine after that and didn't mention her ears again. 

Later tonight my ear started to crackle and pop. That must have been the "talking."

Last week anna was constipated too. For the first time she articulated what was going on. One time as she was trying to go she told me, "the poo poo not come out!" For some reason I found that funny. 

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