Monday, March 9, 2015

February 2015

Between going to California and all the snow days Macy hardly went to school in February. At least that's what it felt like! We had fun playing in the snow though! Macy had been asking for snow since December so I'm glad she got some. We had two good days of playing in the snow and I think that was the perfect amount. 

It snowed the day after we got back from California so it was a big change in weather for us! Here are the girls ready to go out in the snow.

Macy made a snowman complete with a carrot nose. The snow was more like little ice beads so it was hard to pack into a snowman.

I loved watching Anna walk around in the snow. She liked it to until her gloves got wet.

Macy made a snow angel.

The girls loved eating the icicles off of the car.

I had to cut another huge knot out of Anna's hair! She is seriously going to be bald on the left side of her head soon if she doesn't stop it.

I was trying to get pictures of Owen smiling and Anna said, "I want picture too!" so she hopped in.

This picture was my favorite one of Owen smiling!

He is growing up too fast. I almost can't stand it.

I don't know why exactly I like this picture of Macy and Anna on the bed. Maybe it's because Macy's arm is around Anna. Or that they are both adoring their little brother. Or that it's a candid shot of my kids. Macy took the picture of Anna shoving the binky into Owen's mouth. You may notice the bike in the background- I started exercising again!

Macy and the neighbor Parker "cleaned" up her room.

Macy has recently discovered selfies. There were 18 on my camera so I chose my top four. She sure loves making funny faces.

I read a blog post from a mom whose children were all grown up. She said we take pictures of the big events in life but don't often take pictures of daily life. I think that has changed with the availability of cell phone cameras but I still stopped and took a moment to snap these of the girls drawing on the counter. Anna was complaining about something so I asked her to write down a grocery list for me. She was excited to and Macy joined in.

Macy likes to take my phone and take lots of pictures with it. These three were my favorite of Anna.

Macy is always asking me to take pictures of her silly faces.

Macy wedged Owen between these two pillows. It scared me at first because I couldn't see him. He liked it though and slept a long time!

Here is me and my favorite little boy.

Anna likes to be a duck in the bath tub.

Here is our second snow. This snow was very wet and packed better so we could make a bigger snow man. Macy dressed him up with a hat, stick smile, and acorn eyes. His name was Olaf.

Even Owen came out into the snow for a few minutes.

I thought Owen looked so cute in this "hunk" outfit. It's the first one that actually fits him and isn't baggy. He looks like a little boy and not a baby!

Macy made this "trap" at the bottom of the stairs.

Here is Owen reading up for the seminary lesson the next day. 

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