Monday, March 2, 2015

Macy and dogs

Macy says she's not afraid of dogs anymore and asks when we will get one. On her own she said we could babysit dogs to get practice. I don't know where she got this idea but she wanted to make posters advertising her services. I made a sign and she copied it. It says "Dog sitting by Macy. No mean dogs. 714-757-6487" She made three signs and taped this one to the stop sign on the corner. The other two are on our house. She is so excited to watch dogs and tells Anna often we are going to babysit a dog.

**Update 3/9/15
Macy made two more signs today and stood/sat at the end of the drive way holding the signs. She wanted the neighbors and people walking their dogs to see her sign. It was a nice day out so there was quite a few dog walkers to read her plea for walking their dog. Her sign reads: "Hi, I'm Macy. I want to pet sit dogs. No barking dogs. Make sure they like to cuddle. Call 714-757-6487." She told me what to say on the sign. She had me write another one that said "Hi, I want to walk your dog. ~Macy" People would see the no barking clause and say they don't qualify. One neighbor said she would let Macy walk with her and her dog one day. Macy was thrilled. She is so adorable and sweet.

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