Monday, March 9, 2015

A wonderfully warm Sunday

We had an incredible day yesterday. It was 68 degrees and perfect. We took a walk around the neighborhood then put blankets out on the front grass for a picnic. Some neighbors joined us to chat. We were outside for 3 hours! 

The day didn't start off great for Anna though. She threw up in the night so Ja kept her and Owen at home while Macy and I went to church. It was a quiet and relaxing time at church! 

Anna wanted to go to church with us so she got her dress on. Ja told her she can't go because her tummy hurts. She walked up to me with huge puppy dog eyes and said, "My tummy feels better mommy" in the sweetest little voice. It made me so sad to tell her she can't go. (As a side note- she doesn't like nursery right now so I don't know why she wanted to go.) Anna ended up having diarrhea so it was good we kept her home! She complained on and off that her tummy hurt all day but no more throw up. Today she's still complaining and it's very sad to see her sick and not her normal happy self. 

Back to the good part of the day. My spirits were lifted in the warm sunshine and life seemed happier. Last time it was warm I was fat and pregnant so I couldn't enjoy it. I had to take pictures of us to document how happy we were. 

Here comes Spring!

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