Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Consignment Sale Extravaganza!

My sister-in-law has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of consignment sales. They are amazing places. It's like the wonderful craig's list, but better because you can see and touch the items before purchasing them. At this sale there was everything baby and kid: toys, books, shoes, blankets, sheets, towels, diaper bags, costumes, jackets, clothes, cribs, play pens, changing tables, bibs, bottles, cups, etc, etc. Everything is priced by the consigner so some things are better priced than others, but all of it is much cheaper than you would find in the store. If you have access to a consignment sale around you I would recommend going. It's better than a thrift store because the items are inspected beforehand so most of the items are high quality with no stains, tears, or broken parts.

Here is my loot: 10 adorable outfits, changing pad w/ cover, 2 swaddle blankets, overhead gym, diaper bag, 5 wash clothes, 4 receiving blankets, 3 bibs, 3 little hats, and crib liner. I could have purchased many more items but I had to restrain myself. I'll go again the next time they have the sale in April :)
The absolute best find of the night was this crib set. On the before mentioned craig's list, I came across a cute Pottery Barn Kids pink, green, and yellow bumper (as seen in the picture). But that's all it was, the bumper. At the sale I found a matching Pottery Barn kids valence, crib skirt, and two matching sheets. I was so excited. Now I have the whole matching set. I love, love the valence because it isn't necessarily baby, she can use it for many years to come. I just love it!


Becca and Colby said...

Really cute stuff! I love the giraffe bag! Way to go consignment!

Chelsey said...

I'm so excited for all your new stuff. That is the best part of pregnancy...buying things for the baby. I've never heard of a consignment sale in if you ever hear of one, let me know and I will check it out. That sounds great. That is awesome about the matching valence and crib set. It is adorable.