Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gifts From Macy

All my life I've had straight hair. 

No amount of hairspray could keep a curl. I was very envious of those girls who had naturally curly or wavy hair. Two things have happened lately because of Macy which have changed my hair life dramatically.

The first, I've grown my hair out to the longest it's been in over 7 years. I got it cut before Macy was born but haven't cut it since then because I had a baby to take care of and didn't really think about my hair. Ja is very happy about this. He's been wanting me to grow my hair out for the last 5 years. It's just past my shoulders, which may not be long for some people but it is to me.

The second, my hair now has natural curl! I don't know what all those hormones did, but I like it! I've been fighting the wave in my hair for the last 8 months by blow-drying and straightening it. Yesterday I decided I wasn't going to brush my hair out after my shower and what I got was nice natural curls. Today I put mousse in my hair and the curls are holding better. I'm so excited! No more fighting with my hair.

Even with the mousse in my hair is still frizzy on top. Any advice on how to get rid of the frizz?


Amy said...

That's amazing! My hair hasn't been the same since Ava came along, but not in a good way. you're lucky! I had 'the frizz' on my part line until ava was over a year! I was also growing mine out, and then went to get a 'trim' a few weeks ago and the lady chopped it all off, super short. So i'm starting over.... I love your curls!

natalie said...

haha! That happend to mine too! I don't have any advice for the frizz, but go with the curly look, it's cute on you!

Dani Girl said...

i love it! curls look hot on you. my hair is extremely wavy and frizzy, so i usually dry my roots a little, then keep scrunching every now and then till my hair is dry and its all good.

Jocie said...

try frizz ease straightening syrum or garnier fructis leave in conditioner. Those helped my frizz. and no you don't know me just a friend of a friend trying to help.

Chelsey said...

You look so cute! That's fun to get a change in your hair. I wish I could come see you so bad!

paulfrancis said...

I bought grandma a really good hair rinse by Panteen PRO-V that is formulated to control frizz. It is about $7 or $8 a tube at CVS drugstore. The tube has a purple colored label. It has really been good for controlling the frizz for her.

Grandpa Francis