Saturday, January 29, 2011

Macy's New Hobbies

Macy gets cuter and cuter by the day. She is definitely a "walker" now and can stand up without any help from furniture. She loves to talk and make noises. She has newly discovered that she can yell. She doesn't yell when she's mad, just at random times like while we are grocery shopping or in the car. Here are a few pictures to show what she's up to these days.

Since she can walk that means anything and everything can walk around with her. Here are a few pictures to show what she does with those things. I especially love Jonathan's slipper on the horn of her car. That must have taken some skill. She loves to put things on the dining room chairs. We have taller chairs so it takes more effort from her and she gives little grunts while she tries to push everything up. When she gives us things (like our shoes) and we then put them down, she gives them back to us and looks sad like we didn't like her gift. She will continue to give it to us until we use it.

She likes to walk around with her jacket on its hanger. She discovered this yesterday and enjoyed walking around the whole house. When the jacket fell off the hanger I found her pushing the jacket and the hanger together with a grunt. Then she looked at me and her look said, "Why isn't this going on the hanger?"

Macy likes to wear goggles. Well, not really but they looked so funny on her of course I had to take a picture. She mostly likes wearing them as a bracelet. 

Macy now has barely enough hair to make a teeny tiny ponytail. Unfortunately it's on the very back of her head and looks silly so I probably won't be doing this in public until she gets more hair on the front of her head.

 Macy loves to read books. The other day she was walking around the house with a book. She was following me around like she normally does. When I finally sat down she sat down in my lap and wanted to read the book. It was so cute. As you can see in the picture, she loves to pull out all the books. She likes to see her options before reading one. I don't mind one bit, reading is one of those things she can do all she wants.

Macy also loves to pull out all of her toys and make a mess. Pretty much every night our house looks like a tornado came through. This used to bother me but I know it's going to be like that for many years to come. I clean up after she goes to bed for naps and at night so it's an under control tornado.

She still makes messes at dinner too. At this meal she was eating black beans and actually being quite clean. Then all in a few seconds she smashed black beans all over the table and then put her hand on her forehead as if saying, "Oh, no!" She left a hand print on her forehead.

And of course, she continues to melt my heart and love us. She is now weaned and as a pleasant surprise she likes to cuddle with me now. I think she missed the quite time when I would quietly hold her so every time I get her out of bed she lets me hold her and she puts her head on my shoulder. I love every second of it.

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Chelsey said...

You are a keeper, Macy! I'm glad she keeps herself busy putting things in their rightful places (scattered around the floor). We miss all 3 of you guys!