Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quick Update

Macy loves to go to the Tyson's Galleria Mall (the nice one with Neiman Marcus, Saks, JCrew, etc. She has expensive taste). She loves to walk around, which I let her do because it's so empty. I've learned to only let her walk on the first floor because she goes straight to the railing that she could fall through.

She's learned to unroll the toilet paper. I made it go "under" and it tricked her for a minute. She batted at it and made it roll and roll. When no paper came out she grabbed the end and walked away with it (which made for an even bigger mess). Now we have to remove the roll when she's in the bathroom.

Jonathan's mom came into town for a few days so we had family dinners. Here is Macy with her cousin.

On Valentine's day Jonathan woke up early and decorated the house. He even went to the store to pick up balloons. I didn't hear him get up or decorate so I was greatly surprised. Isn't it sweet? That night he also made me a wonderful dinner. Macy loved the balloons.

Granny Dot took us to Gymboree. Macy made some friends there watching cartoons. She also loved these sunglasses. She also almost ran away. She was sitting so well watching the TV I started looking around at clothes. I go back to check on her and don't see her. A store employee yells out, "There is a toddler leaving the store!" Macy was just outside of the doors looking to her left and right as if she was deciding which way to go.

That same day we went to lunch and while I was putting the stroller away I turn around and Macy was gone. She had walked out of the restaurant because the door was left open. I look around and see my brother-in-law picking up Macy. She is a wanderer.

Sorry no pictures of Jonathan and I. You'll just have to picture our beautiful faces in you minds.


tiffanybaer said...

Love that little Macy. And I love that Lily is getting so used to her friends and smiles when she sees you guys!

Darin DeVore said...

I bet you're now cursing the day that Macy learned how to walk

Chelsey said...

Ja is a sweetheart. He did a good job on those Valentines decorations. Macy is sure to use her new skill of walking to her advantage...getting away! I love that she is so adventurous!