Monday, May 11, 2009

Williamsburg Family Vacation

The family met up in Williamsburg, VA this year for our historical family vacation. It rained on and off most of the week, but we realized that was a blessing. Thursday and Friday were sunny which made it very hot. We also had a few surprises: Holly was put on bedrest and Addie had to get stitches on her lip. Other than that we had a great time. 

Our first day was historical Williamsburg. We walked all over the town and I tried to take as many pictures as possible before my camera battery ran out. Did you know that Williamsburg was the capitol of Virginia before it was moved to Richmond? And that the college, William and Mary, is the 2nd oldest in the U.S.? Here are some of our pictures.
Henry, Luc, Addie, Brigham watching the cattle. Isn't it cute?

Ja, Addie, Trevor. The only time Addie sat still.

The kids loved having the wagon to play with.

Addie loved walking through every puddle she saw.

We also enjoyed some night time activities without the kids. We listened to ghost stories being told about places in Williamsburg. They have you walk to the homes where the ghosts are and then tell you the stories. The best part was attending the witch trial. Since it was against the law to be a witch, anyone thought to be a witch was put on trial. The judge, lawyer, sherriff, the witch, and witnesses were actors and we all pretended to be the jurors. We got to ask the witnesses questions, the accused and the witnesses got in a few verbal fights, and we voted wether we thought she was a witch. I voted her a witch because she failed the witch tests which were considered law at the time. She floated "unnaturally" when put in water, her "devil's teeth marks" didn't bleed (her moles), and she couldn't recite the Lord's Prayer. 

On Tuesday we went to a Mariner's Museum and learned all about the Civil War that was fought on water. I never thought about the water battles, I figured all the fighting was done on land. Both sides had large submarine-like ships that were the first of their kind. 

Next was Yorktown. It's a small little town on the coast. I don't remember too much about that place, except that we had a great lunch and took a family picture.

Jamestown was our fourth day and we enjoyed learning about the first settlement and the exploring the Indian village, the ships, and the soldier camp. The boys, I mean men, liked posing with their battle gear on.

We saved the most exciting part for last, Busch Gardens Williamsburg. This theme park was so much fun and the rides were very scary (fun after riding them but frightening while you're on it). Unfortunately I don't have any pictures, but you can check out the website here

We had a blast and were very sad to return home and go back to work. But not for long because we leave for Maui in two days! Life is so hard.

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Chelsey said...

Wow, your life is hard. How do you have time to relax between all your vacations? I loved the family picture you included. I also would not have thought there was much fighting on water during the civil war. Obviously, I could learn a lot from a trip to Williamsburg.