Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I know what you're thinking...

ANOTHER VACATION?! What can I say other than we are lucky?

Yes, we did go to Maui with Ja's parents and my parents. It was my parents first time to Maui so we had a lot of fun experiencing Maui with the first timers. On our first day my mom said she wanted to do everything she could this trip because they wouldn't be coming back. Then on the way to the airport to go home my parents were discussing how they can start saving to come again when my brother gets back from his mission. I thought it was so cute. 

Here are the highlights from our trip. The weather was beautiful and couldn't have been better. 

We got leis from the hotel.
We found a really cool peninsula at D.T. Fleming Beach and had a blast exploring all the rock formations formed from lava, watching two turtles, and running through a crop maze.
We took the infamous "Road to Hana." Luckily no one got car sick and we had a great time discovering new flowers, visiting a black sand beach, and swimming in streams.

Ja tried paddle surfing.

We also went on a catamaran to Molokini (a crater) where Ja and my dad were able to go scuba diving with an instructor. They loved it and now want to become certified. We also went snorkeling at turtle bay. Unfortunately these pictures are on my mother-in-law's waterproof camera.

We went parasailing 800 feet in the air. My mom doesn't swim so I couldn't believe she did this. It was amazingly high up in the air. I have pictures from 800 feet up but they are also on the waterproof camera. Those are my parents up in the sky.

We had great food and very much enjoyed each other's company.

Oh, and for some reason, Ja never washed his hair. I think he wanted to be a surfer dude.
p.s. all the pictures are posted on our web gallery


Amy said...

Lucky is an understatement! It looks like you had so much fun! I'm heading over to see the rest of the pics so I can pretend i was there. :)

Chelsey said...

Awesome pictures. I forgot your parents were going too. That is so fun to have both sets of parents together on a trip. I can't believe you went parasailing. That is a dream of mine. It looks so fun (and a little scary). Oh, and I am impressed that you took the "Road to Hana" and no one got car sick. You guys are tough. That picture of the red flower is absolutely gorgeous. One of the rewards for those with a tough enough stomach to defeat the "Road to Hana." I am so glad that you guys had fun. I can't wait to see you guys in 1 week!!!!