Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Two New Favorite Things

1. Cheez-it Cheddar Jack Crackers.

Actually they aren't new to me, but rediscovered. I bought them last summer and Holly and I ate them up. I saw them at the store, had to buy them, and fell in love again. These crackers have big cheddar-jack flavor. You've got to try them! Sadly I've found out that not every grocery store carries them so you may have to look around.

2. Our new vacuum! 
We discovered that our old vacuum wasn't picking up anything off the floor! How bad is it that we haven't noticed how long this has been going on?! Well, we decided to go big or go home and we purchased the new vac. I love it because it's super light, very easy to move and picks up tons of dirt and dust. And it won't ever lose suction :)

1 comment:

Chelsey said...

Is that a Dyson? Are you kidding me? That is the Lexus of vacuums! Way to go. I bet it makes cleaning fun again. A good vacuum is one of those unsung heros.