Friday, March 26, 2010

Going to California

The day after Macy's blessing, Macy and I flew to California with my parents and sister. I was a little worried about the plane ride but Macy did great! She only cried when she wanted to eat which is understandable.

The first thing we did was go and visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Seymour. We had a great time visiting and spent all day together. If you notice she's wearing two different outfits (if you can call the second one an outfit). She had a blow out 15 minutes after getting there and of course I took out my extra outfit the night before and only had a onesie and socks.
My brother Kenny got his mission call that week as well. Some family in CA came over to my parents to watch him open his call over Skype since he's in Provo. He is going to the Utica, New York mission and reports June 2nd. We are all excited for him.
Since my grandparents were all there we took 4 generational pictures.

My Grandma Francis, My mom, Me, Macy

My Grandpa Seymour, My dad, Me, Macy
The whole family
Thursday we traveled again to Grandma and Grandpa Seymour's house to visit with the Olson's, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Steve, and Derek.
Macy and Erica

Thursday night at 10 p.m. there was a knock on the door and Kenny was on the doorstep! He surprised us all. A friend was driving home that weekend and Kenny hitched a ride so he could meet Macy. It was fun to talk with him about school and his mission call. One morning it was only me and him at home and Macy was asleep. I told him I was going to get in the shower and he looked at me funny. Then he said, "Oh yeah, you have a baby that's why you're telling me that." Oh Uncle Kenny. Macy liked playing peek-a-boo with him.
Friday night we went to the DeVore's house to visit Granny Dot, Papa, Nathan, Kiersten, and Henry. Henry did great for the picture but he wouldn't sit close to Macy or show her any attention. He said, "I'll wrestle her when she's a boy." Looks like they won't be wrestling.

Sunday was the Francis family's turn to meet Macy. They all came over to my parents house for dinner, well really to see Macy.

Her new Sunday Dress

Grandma Francis, Samantha, Macy

Macy liked Aunt Martha. Luke couldn't resist the bunny ears.

She did even better on the plane ride home which was a blessing because I was by myself. The flight attendant loved her and gave her a Jet Blue wing pin to stick on her outfit.
We were very lucky to visit all our relatives in California. We are also lucky to have so many relatives that want to see us! Macy is lucky to be the only grandchild because she got all the attention she could ever want. I had a great time being at home and seeing my parents play with Macy. They love her so much. This made it really hard to take Macy away with me all the way to Virginia. You gotta do what you gotta do. A lot of people did ask if I was leaving Macy with them in California though. We can't wait to go back!