Sunday, March 14, 2010

Macy's Blessing Day

We decided to bless Macy on March 14th, which is also Ja's birthday. What a good birthday present right? We were lucky to have so much family there to support us and Macy.
Macy did so great during the blessing. Ja looked down at her right before giving the blessing and she was looking up at him smiling. My brother-in-law said he peeked during the blessing and Macy was still smiling. So sweet! After the blessing Ja held Macy up to show her off to the congregation and she lifted up her arm (like she always does) so it looked like she was waving to everyone. Even more cuteness!

The Grandparents (she's waving again)
The proud parents
Later that day we ate a birthday lunch for Ja. The highlight of the evening was Ja's birthday cake. Let me start with the background story. Back during our last huge snowstorm Ja was dusting the snow off his pants and his wedding ring went flying off his finger. Since there was snow all around he couldn't hear it drop, he only knew the general area where it fell. This occurred at my brother-in-laws house. Those of you who we've known for awhile may be thinking, "This sounds really familiar." And yes it does, this is the second time this exact thing has happened to Ja. Isn't it enough of a miracle that his wedding ring was found 3 months after losing it in the snow at BYU-Idaho?

Well, Ja is a lucky man because a neighbor found the ring! After the road was snow plowed and the snow had melted she saw it out of the corner of her eye in her yard while talking to a friend. Isn't that amazing!? So instead of calling him right away it was decided to give it to him on his birthday a few days later on his cake. He was so surprised his ring was around a candle. It was a great birthday present.


Amy said...

I Love her arm in the air!! So adorable!

Chelsey said...

I think that means that Ja and his ring were meant to be. I think that is awesome that Macy waved at everyone after her blessing. She's already shaping up to be really outgoing like her daddy!