Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cute May Pictures

Macy and her cousin Mark. 

Hey Mark! Hey Mark!

Oh, Macy, Hi. I didn't see you there.

Mark, can I have your toy?

(Whack!) Did you forget Mark?! I want your toy!

Macy makes me want to cry!

See ya Macy, I'm rolling on out!

Aren't they so cute? It's a good thing Mark is a fourth child and used to people taking his toys. Hopefully Macy will learn to share.

Macy actually enjoying her tummy time!

Macy has definitely found her feet and plays with them as much as possible, especially during diaper changes.

Macy fell asleep like this. I originally laid her down on the blue mat with her feet at the left side of the picture. She really likes to roll around.


Greg DeVore said...

Mark just rolled away because we have taught him not to hit girls. Girls always take advantage of that rule.

Chelsey said...

That is a funny story of Macy and Mark. Girls have a right to take whatever they want! How absolutely adorable is that picture of Macy sitting up and holding her toes??? I love it!