Friday, October 21, 2011

The Pumpkin Playground

I am now the co-planner for our ward and a neighbooring ward's playgroup. My co-planner planned September's events and I have planned Octobers. It's been fun to learn about new activities for children  and then to actually attend them. Because of the season of Fall and Halloween I decided to go to a Pumpkin Playground at Burke Nursery.

When we first arrived it was packed! There were tons of toddlers and preschoolers running around. Macy walked around holding my hand taking everything in. It's always hard when you plan something and have people attend with you and the event isn't great. However only three other people came and they said it was fun so that makes me feel better.

Things started to turn around for Macy when she saw this old carousel. It doesn't take quarters so all you have to do is push a button to make it go. I said if we ever have a big backyard we should buy old mechanical toys and the kids would love to play outside. Macy rode this 4 times and would have done more.

I say she would have done more, but she didn't because then she noticed the mechanical horses. She also loved these and could have ridden them all day long. I love that she has no real expression on her face to show her delight. I knew she liked it though because as soon as it stopped she said, "MMMooore."

Then we discovered these great slides they had. They were tal plastic slides and you sit on carpet squares to ride down. They were actually quite fast and even tickled my stomach. I really wish I had someone there to take our picture because Macy would grab my arm pretty tight halfway down the slide so I am very curious to know what her face looked like. I could have gone down the slide all day. That's another thing we would add to our awesome backyard.

There were large wooden train cars that Macy liked to climb in. She especially liked this one because it had little seats she could sit in to observe the other children.

Her smile face
Our next favorite activity was the wagon ride. I think Macy liked to so much because she thought the tractor that was pulling us was a train. She kept saying, "Choo!Choo!" Part of the ride went through a little forest of trees and there were Halloween decorations all throughout. Some of the other kids were scared of the decorations but Macy thought they were funny. She doesn't know what werewolves and skeletons are scary yet so she pointed and laughed at them.

Luckily Macy found this wet and muddy sandhill at the end of the trip.  She also could have stayed there all day. Apparently there are little prizes buried underneath the sand somewhere.

Each child gets to take home a little patch pumpkin. Macy had a great time picking one out. She picked up quite a few before settling on one she liked. 

 The funny thing was once she found one she didn't want to take it home. She thought she had to put it back in the pile. I ended up carrying it to the car for her. The only way I got her to stop whining about it was to say we'll go home and tell daddy about the pumpkin. She liked that idea.
 All in all, even though it was crowded and muddy we had a great time at the Pumpkin Playground. I'm already trying to go again next week because Macy had so much fun!

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