Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Busy Being Cute

We've had a fun month so far this March. I don't know if we ever have an un-fun month! We've been keeping busy playing with cousins and friends and happily enjoying the nice weather. Here are some of the highlights.
Macy the teenager lounging in her recliner.

Macy the Basket Head.

Macy and Lily at the Chick-fil-a playground. Lily starting folding her arms so Macy joined in the "prayer."

Macy was intrigued by the toy light saber at the store.
 Macy goes to the gym Kids Klub while I exercise and shower. One day she came out with this cute little ponytail. She actually kept it in her hair for a long time. Why won't she let me do that?! I have decided though that this summer I will force her to wear a ponytail of some sort because her hair is getting so long. She gets very sweaty in the summer and her hair would just get gross. 

Yay for Frosties!
 One Sunday afternoon Greg and the boys came over to play. Greg got down at Macy's level and started talking to her. She very surprisingly started to have a conversation with him and told him all sorts of things I couldn't understand. She was very happy and animated while talking to him. When Greg walked away she said, "More" and patted to the ground where he was kneeling. He had to come back and listen to more of her unintelligible stories. It was so cute and funny because usually she is afraid of him and won't even look at him. Later on she sat on his lap and told him more stories and talked about her toys. Macy talks about Papa all the time so I thought maybe Macy thought Greg was her Papa. But I asked her if he was Papa and she said no. It was so cute I had to take a picture to document since it may never happen again. They were best buds for a few hours.

Macy took all her stuffed animals out and lined them up along her crib. She then sat down at the end.

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