Thursday, March 22, 2012

Macy and Her Colors

Macy still enjoys coloring and drawing. She is more of a free hand drawer than a coloring book colorer. She enjoys using pens, pencils, crayons, and markers. She is very good about only coloring on paper and nothing else. However, one time she slipped and drew with a purple crayon on the kitchen trash can. When I saw it I told her we only color on paper, not trash cans. Now when she sees the coloring job she says, "No trash, only paper." Very smart Macy. If we ever get a book from the library that has scribbles on it she'll point to them and say, "No book, only paper." I'm so proud of her for learning that concept so quickly.

Macy aslo recognizes all the colors (red, orange, pink, yellow, purple, blue, green, brown, black) and can say the right color when I ask her. Orange is the cutest one she says. (Sort of sounds like orng but with a French accent.) She loves to draw pictures for Papa. I always ask her who the picture is for even though I know she'll say Papa. Every now and then she'll thrown in daddy but it's usually Papa. I love it when she'll be drawing something pretty intently and then she'll come up to me and tell me all about it in her cute animated way. I can't understand what she's saying but she's very happy and proud about her drawings.

This picture is her latest. She colors so much there's no way I could save every paper but I really liked this one for her use of colors and deliberate shapes and lines. I know she's only two so it's nothing really spectacular but I'm still proud of her drawings. I hope she keeps it up!

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