Thursday, November 29, 2012

My girls

Macy has been so happy and funny lately. The other day I told her to hold her horses because she kept bothering me about something. She responded, "I can't hold horses because I don't have any horses mom."

Anna was in bed with Macy one day. Macy walked out of her room and shut the door. She said Anna was asleep. I didn't believe Macy so I checked on Anna. I found her nicely tucked into bed. I love that Macy even put her doll with Anna.

Macy was so cute at the grocery store. She wanted to bring her stroller along. People would see her and say, "Oh, how cute!" Then they would notice her stroller and say, "Oh, how cute!" Then they noticed her boots and said "Oh, how cute!" I love that my girls make people smile every where we go.

Anna is such a happy baby! And she already talks up a storm. I can't get a really good video of it because she stops talking when she sees the camera. The camera is so interesting to stare at I guess.

Macy tried my sunglasses on today and got them to stay on. She was pretty excited.

Macy asks why A LOT. I'll answer and she will continue asking why until she gets an answer that suits her. Sometimes she doesn't like my answers so I have to say "Macy sometimes I just don't know." When I say that she knows to stop asking. Yesterday she used that line on me. I love hearing her copy our phrases. Ja taught her "Come on, man!"

Both my girls are adorable and perfect! I love them very much.

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