Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Watching Macy Sleep

We got a video baby monitor when Anna was born. We have yet to use it for Anna because she is either in the same room as us and doesn't move around yet. However, we have greatly enjoyed watching Macy "sleep" on the monitor.

I put her to bed at 8 p.m. and I used to think she went right to sleep. Now that we can see her I know she may not go to sleep until 9:30 or 10 some nights. I find her reading books to herself in her bed. Sometimes she walks around to pick up more books. Or she'll sit up in bed to read. I think this is so cute and it's great she can do this and not need me to put her to sleep. Macy makes me proud.

The rest of these pictures are the funny positions I find her sleeping. 

Horizontal in the bed with her leg over the railing

At the foot of the bed with leg hanging out of the bed

 This time she's hugging the railing

She loves to hang her foot off the bed

I love watching her get herself ready to sleep after she's been reading. She lies down finding the right spot on the bed. She then covers herself with her blankets and finds the right spot on her pillow to place her head. Her milk cups have to be in the exact right position too. Sometimes I think she's sleeping because she is still. Then if I look close enough I can see her shiny eyeballs blink. The camera is like night vision so her pupils glow like a cat.

I always seem to miss Macy the most when she is sleeping so now I can watch her and see how cute she is all night long! It will get even more fun once Anna and Macy sleep in the same room.

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