Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 2012

In spite of having a newborn this month we were able to keep quite busy. This is mostly due to the fact Ja took 2 1/2 weeks off of work for paternity leave. This helped us keep active. Once he went back to work the girls and I stayed close to home most days. Here are some pictures from our day to day lives.

Get ready for some pictures!

Macy still loves to make homemade crowns. She wanted to be a fish princess with these crowns.

Anna is growing up so fast! I wanted to take more pictures of her tiny body. On her 2 month appointment (October 26th) she weighed only 8 lbs 12 oz!
Cute little feet

Relaxing before a bath

Adorable smile
Macy loved to put our 9 pumpkins in random spots all over the house. She put these two in the bassinet. If you look closely you can see the bigger one has a face drawn on it. Macy and Ja drew faces on two pumpkins.

During paternity leave Ja went with us to Hidden Oaks Nature Center for playgroup. Of course he was the only dad there and all the kids loved him! He had a whole gang of kids following him around having a great time. I wish he could go every time to playgroup.

I made my first apple pie and it was the most delicious apple pie I've ever had!

Macy still loves baby sister!

Ja bought a bag of balloons and will now make Macy balloon animals, flowers, swords, and hats. He also makes them for any child that comes over. We have the super fun house now!

I found Macy and Anna like this one morning. Macy was reading her books to Anna. Anna eventually feel asleep so Macy put her blankie on Anna to keep her warm. It was so sweet and it melted my heart.

We walked around our complex one day. Since it was going to be a short walk I didn't attach Macy's sit to the stroller. She got tired and wanted to sit down though so she found a seat in the stroller basket. Oh the benefits of being little!

Anna relaxing on the couch.

Macy wanted to hold Anna so I decided to have a little photo shoot to show how cute these girls are. I also wanted to document how much Macy loves Anna. Just in case they fight a lot one day I'll be able to show them they do love each other, . 

This was my favorite but it turned out blurry! I was so mad!

Sisters holding hands.

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