Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Preschool at Krop's Crops

Macy is part of a co-op preschool that started in September. There are 5 kids in the class and each mom will take a turn teaching. We each teach 4 weeks in a row. The general schedule of the class is the same from home to home with the topics changing each week. Macy loves it! The first week she got a little sad when I was going to leave but now she doesn't care. She gets excited when she sees her "teachers" at church. One of the 4 weeks can be a field trip instead of class at ones home.

The October field trip was at Krop's Crops in Great Falls. I had never heard of it before and it's a little low-key family farm that is perfect for 3 year olds. The best and most favorite activity there is the "corn bin." They have sectioned off a part of an old barn and filled it with dried corn kernels. Macy loved it as did the other kids. It was better than sand because it didn't make the kids dirty or get stuck anywhere. It was fun for them to walk in it because their legs would sink down into the corn.

We then took a hay ride through the property to a little field that had little pumpkins on the ground. They weren't grown there but placed there, a little interesting. The kids had fun choosing their own pumpkin. I told Macy she should get a big one for daddy and we ended up going home with the tiniest little pumpkin. 

Making corn angels

The sun was a little bright on the hay ride.

Playing on the old tractor
 Afterwards the kids played with the wagons that were around to carry around the big pumpkins. Macy was a nice friend to pull Hallie around. 
We had a fun field trip and Anna slept through the whole thing in the Ergo. She's such a helpful baby.

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