Monday, October 22, 2012

My Beautiful Butterfly and Precious Pumpkin

We had our first 2012 Halloween party this Saturday. To get ready for the party Macy and I got together all the items she wants to wear with her new Cinderella dress for Halloween. We got a black necklace, tiara, earrings, shoes, and tried to find gloves. We had everything ready but 30 minutes before the party she decided she wanted to be a butterfly instead.

She changed her mind because Suey said she wanted to be a butterfly and Ja made Suey butterfly wings. Macy then wanted to be a butterfly too. We tried to talk her into the Cinderella dress but that didn't work. We figured we have at least 3 more Halloween parties so we'll let her be a butterfly this time. Ja made Macy's wings and she colored and stamped them. I think we did a great job with items we already had at home and with only 30 minutes! I also tried to talk Macy into wearing a different shirt but she insisted she keep that one on. The antenna were Macy's idea. She noticed her butterfly necklace had antenna so she pointed to them and said, "Mommy, I need this one." Thank goodness for the pipe cleaners I've had for over a year!

I let Macy wear some of my makeup and I think she looks beautiful. Anna looks adorable in her little pumpkin outfit. Since Macy was going to be Cinderella I wanted Anna to be the pumpkin. Oh well, at least Anna still looks like a cute little pumpkin! I kept shooting photos because Macy actually wanted her picture taken which is very rare! After about 30 shots Macy told me to stop because it was too much. I'm glad I got some really good pictures!

Macy kept the wings on for the whole party and Anna kept her hat on too :)

Macy and Suey the butterflies

Love that smile!

So sweet!

My cute family!

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Chelsey said...

Love it! Good job on the spur of the moment butterfly costume. Anna is such a cute pumpkin!