Saturday, October 6, 2012

Macy LOVES Anna!

Macy's behavior is totally and completely the opposite of what I expected since Anna has been born.

She adores Anna and still adores her a month later. Macy always wants her close by, preferably some where Macy can kiss and cuddle with her.

I expected some jealously or tantrums when I fed Anna since it would be a lot of time I would be occupied with someone else. We haven't had any such problems. The only thing I was hoping would change is Macy's desire to have me do certain things. Ja is not allowed to dress her, bathe her, put her to bed, and put her in the cat seat. Of course if I'm not around then he's authorized. So far nothing has changed here but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Macy wants to show Anna all sorts of things like toys and her twirls. She always wants Anna close by. Lately she tells Anna, "You're so pretty Anna." She gives her little sister tons of kisses and tries to sneak in hugs.

Anna does well with all the attention, yelling, and constant nap interruptions.
I hope they continue to be friends. I know there will be a lot of fighting (I have a younger sister) but when the day is over I hope they are always friends.

For the last few days Macy has been calling Anna "Tootie." I think it started as Macy calling her cutie then after a few silly repeats of cutie it evolved into Tootie.  Macy gets in her face and says, "Hi Tootie Tootie."

I love being their mom!

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