Thursday, August 29, 2013

Anna's 1st Birthday!

Wait, wait, wait! How can Anna be one year old?!

Her first year has brought to my attention how quickly time goes and how babies are not babies for very long. Anna is now considered a toddler! To make me feel better and cope with the "loss" of my baby I will still call her baby until she walks. Or maybe until she drives.

August 25th was a Sunday so we got together with friends and family that night  for dinner, cake, and presents. Heather and Trevor were kind and opened their house to all of us since ours is clearly too small. They even make two cakes for us! (coconut and yellow cake with ganache)

 Anna has a love for stuffed animals so she gets very excited when she sees this giant lion of Addie's. I had to bring it up for her birthday!

I love the thumb suck and hair thrilling! She does this all the time. 

Daddy with the birthday girl

and mommy

 Anna was a great sport and enjoyed everything. Except for the fall out of the high chair but she quickly recovered from that.

She seemed a little surprised that we were all singing and looking at her but she remained happy. I gave her a little taste of the frosting and once she realized it was sweet and delicious, and that she was allowed to touch it, she went to town. We didn't have to stage any frosting on her face- it was all her work!
singing happy birthday

We got a smile there!
 She was enthralled with the candle and wanted to touch it.

No so sure at first

I love that she looked up at me. I felt like she was saying, "Are you sure this is ok mommy?"

Dive right in!
 Macy was helpful and fed Anna some cake. 

After cake we opened presents outside. Anna didn't seem to understand what was going on. She did like tissue paper and empty bags though. Macy was very kind and helped Anna unwrap the presents.

We were so grateful for everyone who could come and to those who gave presents. Anna received a lot of presents from people out of state. It means a lot to me when people take the time and make the extra effort to benefit my children.

The next day was the Big Day! Anna was able to sleep in and didn't really like that I went in with a camera to take a first-picture-on-her-first-birthday shot. I guess a bright flash in your face isn't the first thing you want when you get up. At least I sang her happy birthday to make her feel better.

Macy would sing Happy Birthday to Anna all throughout the day. She was excited for Anna too. Anna getting presents and not her was a little rough though.

eating her 1st cheeto
 We had a lazy morning and made sure Anna went down for a nap at noon. Sadly she had her 12 month doctors appointment at 2 p.m. Anna did great despite being tired and measured a whopping 16 lbs 13 ounces- still the 2nd percentile. She is 29 inches long- the 50th percentile. After getting a few shots, and recovering from those shots, we went to Target so Macy could pick out a few toys for Anna's birthday. We decided on a xylophone, Sesame Street "smart phone", and a play remote. All have been fun but the smart phone is the clear winner.

I took some birthday photos of Anna and also some pictures of her with her new gifts. I sent thank you's via email so I could show the givers how cute she is in their outfit or with their toy.

Aunt Stacie's dress from Africa

dress from great G&G Francis

Book from aunt Heather

This is half smile half squinting from the bright flash. 

Dress from Grandma & Grandpa Seymour

Aunt Jill picked this outfit out.

Macy wanted to make silly faces.

She's already reading!

Although Anna shows no interest in walking she does babble and talk a lot. It's been so much fun having her sweet personality in our family. She has shown us love and has taught us more about love. Every time I see her (or even a picture of her) I want to pick her up, squeeze her, and give her lots of kisses. Anna is a calming spirit in this house that can be filled with tantrums and noise. She is so precious and I can't wait to celebrate more birthdays with her.

Ok, maybe I can wait. Stop growing up so fast Anna!  I love her more and more with each stage of life and whatever stage I'm currently in is my favorite. Anna gets cuter and sweeter by the day. We all love you tremendously Anna!

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