Sunday, September 29, 2013

Apple picking

Last week the girls and I went apple picking at Hartland Orchards in Markham, VA. It's about an hour west on the 66. 

It was a beautiful and perfect day to be outside. The apple orchard is up on a hill and when Macy saw how high we were she exclaimed, "mom, this is amazing!"

I packed Anna up in the Ergo which she semi liked. I think she wanted to be able to pick apples too. Once I gave her a baby apple she enjoyed gnawing on it. 

Macy really loves to run now so she really enjoyed all the open space of the orchard rows. She ran up and down the rows and enlisted her friend Grant for a little. 

Macy had a good time helping me find the right apple trees and picking the low hanging apples. I love this pose she did with the apple. She does that in normal conversation too. 

After filling our 1/2 bushel bag I had the kids get together for pictures. 

Macy was so cute and wanted to hold her friends hand. We have Grant, Macy, and Halle.

We needed the babies to be in the picture too so we added Anna and Callie.

Macy is hilarious when she wants to pose for pictures. I have to take advantage of it because many times she won't look at the camera at all. I think this picture shows how much she loves her friends!

Sweet Anna enjoying an apple.

After apples we romped around a pumpkin patch Macy was begging to see. Her and Halle ran all around the pumpkins occasionally tripping on the vines. After her fall Macy would get up and say, "I'm ok. I'm wearing pants."

And Anna thought the pumpkins were fun to ride.

Here is our huge bag of apples and the little pumpkin Macy picked out. We had a fun and beautiful day!

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Chelsey said...

Yummy! I wish I could come to the east coast every fall and going to an apple orchard would definitely be on my list of to-do's. Can't wait to hear your favorite apple recipes.