Saturday, March 21, 2009

782 Million Miles Away

Last Tuesday we went on a date to the Griffith Park Observatory to look through the telescope they have there. Lucky for us the sky was nice and clear so we could see the planet Saturn! Saturn is 782 million miles away but we can still see it through a telescope. That amazes me. We looked through a huge telescope first, then through a smaller one, that was just as powerful if not more powerful, to see Saturn. We could see the rings around the planet too. We then looked through another telescope at the nebula in the sword of Orion. This nebula just "gave birth" to 4 baby stars that we could see too. The nebula looked like a cloud with 4 little stars next to it. 

The Hollywood sign is on the neighboring hill to the Observatory which was a neat discovery. It's the best photo opt you can get of to the sign without setting off an alarm system.

On Wednesday we used the second half of our Disneyland 2fer pass and went to California Adventure. We had a great time there, even though it was pretty hot. We took the day slow, went all on the rides we wanted, went to a show, and learned about the large renovation that California Adventure is undergoing. Of course, Toy Story Mania was our favorite ride, and learning to draw Minnie Mouse at the Animation Academy was another favorite. This is how we did.

Mine is on the top and Ja's is the bottom one. Drawing is easier when everything consists of circles and lines and someone is telling you what to do step by step. 

Well, that's what's going on in our lives. Oh, and doing our taxes. What a joy that was. 


Chelsey said...

You guys are doing so many fun things! (Laura, your drawing is awesome by the way). That is so neat about looking at the planets and stars through such powerful microscopes. Seeing the rings around the planets and even the baby planets would be so cool. Keep up the fun!

Frances said...

These are so fun! What a cool thing to do, mine wouldn't be anywhere near that good! the only good thing I have to say about taxes... is when they are over... yeah for tax season being almost over!