Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weird Yellow Signs

Around town I've been noticing weird yellow signs with black letters. The letters never make any sense. Sometimes they are numbers and letters, or sometimes a letter or two may be upside-down. With my crazy "the worst is happening" mentality, I thought they were for some cult guiding people where to go. (Another example of this: I was vacuuming the other night and I heard this weird noise and freaked out because I was sure someone was trying to break in. I later realized it was the vacuum cord hitting the carpet.) Well, this week one of these weird little signs showed up by our house! 
Thankfully Dorothy was able to calm my fears about the whole cult thing. She got an email from the Country Club that the "CYE" sign meant that the filming of the HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm is  being held a the Country Club. I'm so glad these weird yellow signs are guiding the extras for the shows and not a crazy cult. One problem solved. Now, what to do about that crazy scratching noise in our wall...

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