Saturday, April 11, 2009

Two Reasons Why Jonathan is So Great

We had this weird daddy long-leg bug flying around our house and it eventually landed on the wall across from our couch. Instead of whacking it with something Jonathan wanted to try and shoot it with rubber bands. So we sat on the couch for 20 minutes trying to shoot the bug. I'm still new to the shooting-a-rubberband-off-your-finger-thing so whenever I got a good shoot Ja was proud of me. Neither of us could hit it which resulted in a lot of rubberbands on the floor. And Ja even cleaned up the rubberbands! I was so happy! Eventually the bug died, probably from the stress of high-speed rubberbands coming at him.

We went shopping so Ja could use up some gift cards from Christmas and his birthday. I was sad and said I wished it was my birthday so I could buy things. He then said one of the sweetest things he's ever said, "If you find something cute that you like, buy it."* Ahhh, I knew he was the right one to marry.
*I didn't use any of Ja's gift cards, he used those all by himself.


Amy said...

Hey Laura! We got the apron pattern at the fabric mill here in Orem. They have a few apron patterns to choose from, and they have the best fabric ever.
We're excited to see you guys in a couple weeks!

Chelsey said...

What a sweetie PIE (ha ha cause his birthday is on pie day). I'm sad you didn't post the cute thing you bought so I could admire.

Durrant said...

You guys are hilarious! What a sweet husband! Your New York trip sounded like it was a blast! That is awesome that you guys were able to go and do so much!