Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If you're curious

I use two websites to get good deals:

1. Coupon Mom- I use this website because she has a page for a grocery store here in Virginia. I also use her list for CVS, Rite-Aid, and Walgreens. I look at Target and Wal-Mart too, but they usually don't have anything at such a good price that makes it worth it to drive all the way out there. This blogger said she only buys things if they are 75% off or more so that's what I try and do. She also has other good information on her website to help save money.

2. Grocery Smarts- from the She Shops Smart Blog. I usually check the Coupon Mom blog first then cross check it with this one to see if she gives anything 5 stars that I haven't already written down. Since Virginia isn't a state listed I use Southern California's because VONS there is the same company as Safeway here. The prices are usually a little more expensive here than in CA, but still on sale. I check in my weekly circular to make sure the items are on sale.

If you are interested in doing all of this, be sure to start here and read how it's recommended to shop.

In conjunction with those two websites I also get the Sunday newspaper for coupons. So far it's really paid off! I really enjoy my Sunday evenings or Monday mornings checking the web for great deals and coupons. I'm very lucky Macy happily accompanies me to all the different stores.

Happy shopping!


Jenna Reynolds said...

I hope you don't mind. I saw your blog on my sister's list and came to check it out. Its funny how people in the same situation do the same things. Jenna uses Hip2save and CouponingtoDisney. We made a trip to CVS on monday and got some of the same items. Haha. And Macy is a cutie.

Anonymous said...
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