Monday, April 5, 2010

Macy and Friends

This is a post dedicated to the cutest of my daughter. She's only been asleep for an hour and I already miss her!

I changed her crib sheet today so I had to take out all the stuffed animals she has in it. She was sitting in the rocking chair so I decided to put them around her for a picture.
She was eating piglet's ear so I let her keep him. I think they are best buds now.

It looks like she fell asleep, but she's only blinking.

As for other things, she really loves sucking on her hands now. While driving in the car I can hear the binkie hit her car seat buckle, then the cute sucking sounds she makes on her hands.

Thanks to the warm weather, Macy can finally have her feet exposed. I had to take a picture of the cuteness.


Amy said...

This is one of my favorite ages! If I could go back to any time since Ava was born, 4/5 months old would be it. We like to go in Ava's room when she's sleeping and just look at her. There's nothing sweeter. MAcy's looking so much bigger! I love her cute little feet!

Becca and Colby said...

Who is she getting that red hair from or is it just the picture? So cute!

Chelsey said...

I LOVE your new blog background. It is so cute. Macy is so darling. Piglet is a good pal for her and I'm glad those cute feet can finally see some light!