Thursday, July 8, 2010

Closed Captioning is brought to you by...

The closed captioning mysteriously started showing up for about a week now on certain channels we watch. We couldn't figure it out because not every channel had it but it was quite annoying on the channels that did. I read the captions even though I don't need to, I can't not read them! Sometimes they were very slow which makes everything more complicated.

At the end of every show a little ad for "Caption Max" would come on. We thought they had something to do with these newly acquired captions so I checked out their website. No help there. It would have been helpful if I had a project that needed captioning.

Next, we try Verizon to see if they have any explanations on these pesky captions. I eventually found a troubleshooting page and one of the FAQ's was "How to turn off closed captioning." Apparently this is a common problem. All we had to do was press the "star" button and it turned the captions off! All those times reading those dumb captions could have been so easily remedied!

Now, how did those bothersome captions get turned on? Hmmm, let's see, could this be the reason?!

When Macy has the remote and the TV is on we find some pretty interesting channels we didn't know we had. Has anyone ever heard of The Wealth Channel? One time she was pressing down on the volume button and the volume got pretty loud. She also likes to almost order some channels for us. She'll enter in random numbers and, surprisingly (not), we don't have that channel. The screen will say, "Press OK to subscribe to this channel." As far as we know we've caught Macy before anything expensive happens.

We thought it very comical that a little girl could cause so much frustration about closed captioning!


Colby said...

That's really cute! We're completely the opposite. Colby's dad is really hard of hearing so the captions are always on. I was watching Nacho Libre one day at their house and it was a completely new experience; practically a new movie. I wondered what else I had been missing and now Colby and I watch CC all the time!
We did have to block the data from my phone because Jackson's internet surfing was getting expensive! Oh and thanks for the Huntington Gardens tip. We're going to visit them. I might also be persuaded to stop by the Chocolate Box then Pinkberry! Wish we could stop by and see you guys! -B

Chelsey said...

It's nice to see that Macy keeps you on your toes! Keep it up Macy!