Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jonathan's 1st Pack Meeting

I didn't want to be that blogger that only blogs about her child, but I've become that blogger. The last blog post about my hair and this one is my attempt at letting you know what Ja and I've been up to.

A few months ago Jonathan was called to me the Cub Master. That meant he wouldn't be team teaching our Sunday School class with me which made me sad. I knew he would be a great Cub Master though. All kids love him. Our ward combines with the Great Falls ward for Cub Scouts so Ja only has to be in charge of a pack meeting every other month. Last Saturday was his first pack meeting and I think it went great. He had made a little video from footage he took at the last pack meeting and the kids liked seeing themselves on the screen.

The topic was on citizenship so he had the boys learn about the meaning of the word, learn about the U.S. flag, and had a guest speaker come in to talk about his time spent in the army. The boys (and other family members in attendance) participated a lot and seemed to enjoy everything.

As the boys walked in they could answer questions about the flag code. Some of the questions were:

  1. Is it against the flag code to wear the flag on an article of clothing? (It depends)
  2. Is it against the flag code to print its image on anything disposable? (Yes)
  3. Is it okay to wave the flag upside down? (Only if under duress)
  4. Is it okay to use the flag to carry or hold objects? (No)

Then they talked about the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance.  

Their lesson on citizenship.

The guest speaker who spoke with the boys. He had them ask him all sorts of questions. Most were about the type of guns the used. 

Macy and I hung out in the back.

Each boy who gets an award also gets a cheer. They chose one out of the bag, test it out, and then the boys vote to keep it in the "Cheer Box" or not. If you can imagine, Ja was a little rambunctious during the cheers and the boys thought that was great. Way to go Master Jonathan!

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